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This keyword holds the reference of an object that defines the current line of execution.


The new keyword is used to create an instance of an object, Its create a new empty object.


Mainly there are two types of scopes in javascript, 1. Local Scope 2.Global Scope
In javascript, every function creates a new scope. A scope defines the accessibility of variables. The variable that defines the inside of a function is known as the Local variable of that function. A local variable has a functional scope that means the variable can be accessible only inside of a function.
A variable that declares outside of a function that is a global variable. A global variable can access from anywhere in the program.

== vs ===

== is compare two values where === compare two values as well as datatype.


The closure is the combination of a function that bundled together with references of its surrounding state. In other words, closure gives access of the outer function scope from the inner function.


It is a technique where a function call over and over from that function itself until it reached the result.




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