Things need to know every novice REACT developer.

ReactJS is a declarative, efficient JavaScript library used for building reusable interactive UI components.

Things that need to know every novice REACT developer is…

1. Component Lifecycle
React component lifecycle methods is the sequence of activities that occur from the beginning of a component to its end.

2. Virtual-DOM
It’s an Object that represents the Browsers DOM, Which is intelligent to make changes in the DOM with the help of the Diff Algorithm.

3. Higher-order components
A higher-order component is a function that takes an existing component and returns a brand new component.

4. Props
In a React component, props are passed from the parent component to child component.

5. State
State is also a variable, but State directly initialized and managed by the component.

6. Context API
Context API is an alternative of prop, that allows the developer to share information with any component in react app, by storing it in a central place. You can think Context API is like a global variable in the react app.

7. Redux
Redux is a state management system for React application like a local store.